Cell Phone Repair Training Online System

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Learn everything from Cell Phone Repair Essentials to Advanced Troubleshooting and even Micro-Soldering and everything in-between.

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We even include business training courses covering topics from customer service, free and paid marketing tactics, sales strategies and much more...

You'll have access to dozens of individual training courses, where we’ll walk you through all the steps to learn the basic and advanced repair skills and how to create or grow your repair business.  It’s setup so we go through one module each week, however, if you end up with scheduling issues...you can always work at your own pace and jump ahead or catch up later.  And as long as you’re a member, you’ll still have access so you’ll be able to go back over the material at your own leisure.

You’ll also get action assignments (homework) which are designed to structure your success and help build your business while you’re learning.

What we’ve found makes the best repair technicians is a solid understanding of the “WHY” and the “HOW” when it comes to repairing devices.

So what exactly does that mean?

Successfully repairing devices is much more than just “HOW” to take screws out and replace a part.  Understanding "WHY" the device operates the way it does, and the way signals move through the device makes the “HOW” easier to comprehend so you can attack repairs with more confidence, and troubleshoot issues the right way when things don't go exactly as planned.  This area of your Repair Hero System is all about the “WHY.”

Repair Labs Library

Have you ever wanted to find accurate, detailed, and trustworthy repair videos in one easy to find place without spending hours scouring the internet?

Step-By-Step Detailed Repair
Video Library

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Troubleshooting Flowchart Database

Ever run into a problem and you're not sure what to do next?  Have a device that won’t power on and don’t know where to start in the troubleshooting process?  Where do you go to figure it out?  What do you test?  Is it actually repairable?

Live Virtual Coaching Sessions

Attend live classes and tutoring sessions ONLINE...get your burning questions answered LIVE!

This is the part that takes the Repair Hero Formula to an entirely different level.  These are the deep dive sessions, where we meet with you and other members face to face virtually using your webcam or mobile device, we’ll take the material even deeper and answer your questions, and you’ll also get to hear the questions from other members.

It’s live, and it’s unscripted...covering everything from newbie questions to ultra advanced questions.  These sessions are awesome, we have a lot of fun and get an amazing amount of work done on them.  Plus, you get the recordings of those deep dive coaching sessions.  This way you can go back through the questions your fellow students had and you can internalize our answers and the way we approach those questions.  We cover so much ground on these sessions that you’re going to want to listen to them again and again.

Vendor Marketplace

Looking for wholesale parts, tools, accessories, and more?  This is your connection...

Repair Hero Community

You Are Never Alone.

The community is where you get your questions answered, where you can celebrate your victories, where you can get an encouraging word when you need one.

You’re never alone.

You will get better results because you'll have the full support of an incredibly strong community. A community made up of fellow repair entrepreneurs and fixers.  It is going to be an amazing resource for you.



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